Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

No pictures -- you can find them everywhere online. It's been interesting here. A lot of us watched from the early phase of the royal arrivals at Westminster Abbey -- online and on the TV just outside our office. At teatime we went down to the staff lounge/tea garden area where the TV was better and more people were watching. We had cucumber sandwiches and real strawberries and cream with our tea!

Quite a conglomeration of people watching the whole ceremony -- English, Australian, Indian, New Zealand, American, Canadian, you name it. Talk about a mixed-up cultural event!

If you get to watch it or the reruns, do enjoy the music. It was quite fabulous.

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  1. In Victoria, Canada, at the Empress Hotel, monarchists watched the ceremony together at midnight, all dressed in lovely PJs, robes and the usual assortment of crowns and the like. Ah, the Commonwealth.


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