Monday, April 4, 2011

Friday Dinner

On Friday evening I was invited to a dinner at the Marks'. They live in Palisades, the house just below the school gate where we lived from 1975 to 1980. The dinner was in honor of a visiting former staff member, Kermit Gingerich. His daughter, Kim Gingerich Brenneman, was in the class of 1979. She leads a semester-long tour in India for Eastern Mennonite University about every two years. The Marks were friends and neighbors during one of the Gingerich's several times serving at Woodstock.

It was a fun evening with lots of good conversation (and food). And what a treat to see how nice our old home looks; the Marks have done a lot of good work in it.

Outside the house, they have put a garden inside some old pillared archways that they got from a village.

Kermit in the living room. The doorway behind him leads into the downstairs bathroom and to the upstairs.

The dining room.

The kitchen. It wasn't this light and well-done when we lived there!

The dinner was delicious -- lamb kofta, dal, two kinds of vegetables, deep-fried okra strings, cold beets, chappatis, and a special Kumaoni-style yogurt (raita).

Earlier on Friday the group from EMU came to the school to have a tour. Immu and I each took a group of 12 around to the high school, gym, music department, and lower school.


  1. How was that Raita made?

    Palisades looks great!

  2. It's neat to see where you used to live. I used to hear about Woodstock every now and then during my violin lessons from Lon Sherer. I'd try to keep him going until it was time for the next student so he wouldn't find out how little I'd practiced that week! The stories were good though.

  3. There you go. Talking about food and making me hungry again!


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