Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Zigzag Path

Saturday afternoon I took a walk from the school up the Zigzag Path. Zigzag is the main path that goes from Woodstock to Sisters' Bazaar. It begins just near the flagpole and literally zigzags its way up. 

From the back of the kitchen there is a path that goes up to Tehri View and across above the new gym to connect to Zigzag. This picture is the roof of the gym with Witch's Hill in the background.

Redwood Cottage is the first house along the path.

Here, looking down you can see some of the zigzags.

These markers for the boundaries of Woodstock property are all over the hillside.

I couldn't resist a close-up of a rhododendron; most of them are too far away to see the individual flowers well.

In some areas the steps are very high; it's nice to see these little half-steps that make it easier.

Zigzag House -- did the house or the path get the name first?

Shanti Kunj -- a wonderful name for a house -- "House of Peace."

Near the top there has been a lot of recent work on the path -- it's quite built up with new layers of dirt and gravel. In fact, the inside ditch is several feet deep in some places.


  1. What a lovely idea for a blog, thanks for taking us along.

  2. I walked many a time on Zigzag either from Prospect Point down to school or the other way in the afternoon when classes were over. Enjoyed your pics!!


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