Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Langurs on the Big Tree

Sunday afternoon we walked down from Sisters' Bazaar on the Zig-Zag Path that I talked about earlier. There is one extra-large old tree just below Zig-Zag House that has always caught my eye. During the monsoon it is spectacular, with ferns covering all the old twisty branches. This time as we came down the path, we saw a group of young langur monkeys frolicking in the tree. These monkeys are beautiful, with their gray fur, black faces, and white fringe. Their tails are very long and it is fun to watch them jumping through the trees.

Here is the tree from the path just above it. You can just see the monkeys on the lowest branch.

My new camera has a better telescopic lens than my old one, so I was able to get the monkeys playing with each other.

More of the same, a bit closer.

This one came right up to the path to take a look at us.

As we walked on below the tree, this older monkey sat on a Woodstock School property marker and watched us.

Here's another view of the tree from the lower path.

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