Friday, April 1, 2011

Lunchtime Walk

We are staying in a guest room in the Quad at the school, which means I only have to go down a flight of stairs and around the corner to get to the office. It is very convenient, but not much exercise. So I have determined to walk daily, at least as far as Hanifl Center and back, preferably even more. That's about a mile and a half, taking me about a half hour. It's a very mild uphill on the way out, down on the way back. I've been doing this just before I have lunch. If I am energetic enough, I will also take a walk in the late afternoon.

This picture is a reminder of what the road and mountainside is like here. Not much level space!

Yesterday I remembered to take my camera along to capture one of my favorite sights -- the fabulous rhododendron trees that bloom here in March and April. These are much larger than the standard bushes we have in North America and the blooms are all pure red. It is near the end of the season.

Along the way I saw two cows who looked well cared for. Although they wander the hillside foraging all day, they do belong to someone. On the way back I saw a group of schoolboys who were moving the cows along with switches, presumably toward home -- or perhaps just for something interesting to do.


  1. Enjoyed your pictures and script. I have a question...on recent "Bing" maps of the area around Sisters Bazaar, I no longer see the roof top of Prospect Point. Has it been razed to provide land for a new building for the Institute next door. Could you find out from a Sisters Bazaar merchant, either by phone or when you're up in that area. Would love to know.

  2. Prospect Point still exists the roof has become red now and its being operated as a Guest House you guys can go through our website. or the facebook page


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