Thursday, April 14, 2011


Yesterday I talked about the weather. It was a sunny and beautiful morning. The day was lovely with a few clouds floating around. Suddenly about 7:30 PM there was thunder and lightning and a pouring rain with more hail. This morning it is lovely again. We are heading into the bazaar for dinner tonight so let's hope that was the last storm for a while!

While the sun was shining yesterday, I thought you might like to see the elementary playground. It has always been in the same place, tucked into a corner between the Quad building and the descent to Tehri Road. It is now the path students take to the Health Centre, which is just off the Tea Garden. (Maybe I'll attempt a diagram one of these days for those of you who haven't been here.)

The old-fashioned merry-go-round and monkeybars are gone and in their place is a newer style of climbing apparatus smilar to what you would see in North America.

I'm not sure, but this may actually be the same swing set as in years gone by. Does anyone remember?

Kids still enjoy swinging! Notice the teeter-totter to the left of the swings. These are now rare sights in the US; they've been removed for safety reasons.

The Quad has several Four-Square courts painted. These boys were playing before the morning bell rang to start classes.


  1. The only fight I was ever in during my years there was with Gupreet (sp?) Singh in this playground.

    It sure looks a lot nicer these days!

    Once we found a frog in the playground, snuck it across the quad, and deposited it in the girls' bathroom!

  2. class of '04 and i'm happy to say that the this playground has not changed (amidst all the others!)


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