Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Alumni Visitor

Last week we had another visitor. Rahul was a student when we taught here. He graduated in 1971. During January of 1971 we visited Baroda, his home town, where we stayed with his classmate Bharat and visited Rahul's family one day. Although it's been 40 years, we have fond memories of that visit, when Dirk was about 21 months old.

After his arrival, Rahul posed with the full office staff, including the three volunteers.

Friday evening the Principal hosted a dinner for Rahul with senior management and others who had known him. Here he is with Ajay, a member of the same class of 1971.

Dan and Rahul enjoyed catching up on old times. They both played cricket.

Of course you expect a look at the food! It was a lovely Indian dinner. And there were three desserts! Cheesecake, mango mousse, and sevai (warm noodles in cream, much better than it sounds). Yum.

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