Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trees, Part 3

Continuing the theme from yesterday...

Those of you who are familiar with the WS campus will be able to follow along as I left the back gate and headed back along Tehri Road toward the bazaar and the WS front gate.

Last spring I did several blog entries on pushtas, the retaining walls that help to hold the mountain up. Our campus has many of them! When they are building a new pushta or repairing an old one, a good attempt is made to keep any trees that are growing on the side of the hill. Our area is a preserve and no trees are allowed to be cut. And of course the roots help keep the mountainside together as much as possible.

This tree is below the back entry pathway.

Looking up toward the back corner of the Quad.

This pushta is fairly new, I think. Unfortunately, the tree doesn't look at all healthy.

I especially like the outline of the branches of this one.

The building in the back is the front of the Vera Marley Library, which projects out from the older High School building. Nice flowers are blooming in the pots now, making the entry to school quite lovely.

Looking down from the entry area -- how do these survive??

Looking up "Jacob's Ladder," the steep way into the Flagpole area and entrance to the High School.

In the background is the ramp that goes from the Quad up to the Gym and the High School.


  1. Fantastic series. I wonder how the tree that is doing poorly gets water? The stones are beautifully cemented in the new wall . . . but the poor tree.

  2. @Evan -- the rock of these hills is very porous. There are springs in various places. The ease with which masses of rocks slide down the hill during the monsoon is another sign.


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