Monday, April 11, 2011

Trees, Part 2

Friday's post on Trees had several pictures of branches of just one tree. Some people have commented that they were interesting "trees," but in fact it was just one. Today's pictures are all of different trees. I walked out the back entry to the Quad and around on Tehri Road to the front gate. So all of these are on school property and very close to the main building.

In this picture you can see the back entry to the school. This tree is growing below a pathway going up to a storage shed above the cement at the top of the picture. It is tenacious, but appears to me to be in danger of washing out one of these years.

Looking down toward the road from the back entry path, there are many trees clinging to the steep hillside.

This view is coming around the corner below the school (the Lyre Tree is at the top of this corner). 

More trees who thrive even in such adverse conditions.


  1. Great series on trees. You can do as many as you like because we have nothing like these trees in British Columbia. If you happen to hear the name of the first tree, let me know. It has the shape the German Romantics so loved, all twisted, aging, yet surviving, a connection with the past. I also admire how the trees in your shots cling to the mountainsides, or possibly retrain the soil from erosion.

  2. Evan - I think it is a live oak. Not like any oaks we have in North America, though.


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