Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This weekend we were out and about on the hillside several times. The tiny "pushta daisies" are in bloom all over.

In some areas they are surrounded by sorrel that has tiny pink buds.

Yellow climbing roses are in many locations -- not very fragrant, but beautiful.

This tree at Char Dukan appears reminiscent of a flame-of-the-forest tree, but these are new pinkish leaves on a walnut tree, not blossoms. Very striking.

Thanks to Steve Alter for helping me identify some of these plants.

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  1. I enjoy your posts--they show an India that is real! I liked the 3 children peering out among the items for sale. The spring vegetation is interesting to see. Roses, daisies, and sorrel--we have them here too, but there are differences.


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