Friday, April 29, 2011


Traffic and transportation are continual sources of amazement, horror, and delight in India. First-year staff members Abe and Bethany have a great video on their blog of merging in traffic. If you are interested, visit

Heading out the back entrance to the school (behind the dining hall and kitchen), one evidence of great change is the scooters and motorcycles parked there. It seems the majority of Woodstock employees ride to work. Just a small item showing the growing prosperity here. (Not that there are not plenty of problems and people living in absolute dire poverty.)

At the bottom of the ramp behind the school is this water tank. With exposed pipes everywhere on the hillside, it's no wonder that there are breaks now and then. Notice the faint red spot near the bottom.

All along Tehri Road (and much of the Dehra Dun-Mussoorie road) there are splashes of white paint with a red spot in the middle. Presumable the white paint will reflect at night and keep drivers from running into the khud (hillside).

Is there a tree where there should be a warning sign? Just use the roots that are sticking out.

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  1. You win the most appropriate and true opening sentence of a blog! Well said.


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