Saturday, May 1, 2010

Last Day

We are leaving the Hillside on Sunday. We spent Saturday sorting and packing. This time we bought old-fashioned tin trunks to store our things that we leave here. Dan hired a taxi and took them down to school in the afternoon. They will wait for us in the attic above the Quad. The trunks should be vermin-proof. There's no telling what might be in the room!

We were happy to see that our checked baggage isn't overly full (it too often is). So if we buy a few things in Delhi, we'll be able to squeeze them in.

I just looked at the weather forecast for Delhi and I shouldn't have done it: 109 tomorrow, 112 Monday and 111 Tuesday. Blistering! I suspect I won't go out of the hotel very much. It's been so pleasant up here. Even if it gets up to 90, it cools down well at night. I've given these temps in Fahrenheit, which I'm more used to. They use Celsius here.

It's been a good visit and time of work here at the school. We will most likely be back in the fall -- October is a beautiful time. So check back here around the third week of September if you want to follow along again. And thanks for reading!