Monday, December 3, 2012

Safely Home

We arrived home just after noon on Monday, December 2. Lots of things to catch up on!

I wanted to post one more thing about our trip. On the drive from Delhi to Agra, we were on a brand-new super highway. There were fences on each side so no pedestrians, bicycles, or other miscellaneous vehicles were on the road. We made good time! I enjoyed reading these two polite signs, which were repeated over and over:

"You are under surveillance. Violaters will be prosecuted at the next toll plaza." A drawing of a video camera was at the top of the sign.

"Overspeeding will invite prosecution."

Saturday, December 1, 2012

On Our Way

It is Saturday morning, our last day in Delhi. We had a wonderful, although brief, tour of Agra, Bharatpur and Jaipur. We arrived back in Delhi Thursday evening. Our Bon Lon Hotel in Karol Bagh felt like home after three different hotels in four nights. Yesterday was our major shopping day.

Anjali, Domingos and I started out around 10:00 for Central Cottage Industries. We took the Metro. As we walked toward CCI, we met up with a newspaper reporter who told us there was a large demonstration forming with students marching towards the Jantar Mantar, and that CCI was closed until 2:00. We took a scooter to another emporium, which turned out to be bogus, so we headed off for Baba Kharak Singh Marg, where each state has an official handicrafts shop. We started down the row, and as we got to the Delhi emporium, Dan joined us. We grabbed dosas and Pepsis at the coffee shop. After hitting a few more states, we decided to head over to Cottage Industries. We all found some things we'd been looking for there. Then we crossed over to the Tibetan shops, where we found Doma napping in her shop. She was happy to be wakened and we had a good visit with her. Anjali bought a few things from her and we had tea together. She is getting old now, and comes to the shop from about 1:00 to 7:00 most days. The cold of winter is hard on her.

Today we are going to Khan Market, where we are meeting our friend Bhavenesh for lunch. We are pretty well packed up and ready to head to the airport this evening.

Anjali is still putting up pictures and tales of our trip at Check there for more info!

Thanks for keeping up with my blog! I'm signing off now until the next trip or major event.