Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I've written before about how changeable the weather is in Mussoorie. We basically have three seasons -- monsoon from late June into September, winter from October through February, and summer from April to June. You might notice some missing time that could be called spring or fall. April and October are generally the best months for visiting -- sunny pleasant days, cool evenings. However, sometimes things go awry. We expect to have stormy weather during the two equinoxes in March and September. These storms are usually accompanied by thunder and lightning and, often, hail.

This year we arrived on March 28, expecting to have finished with winter. In fact, the first couple of weeks were quite nice. But this week has been wild. Sunday we woke up to find it cold and there was rain off and on all day. I took a pass on our lunch in the bazaar, but Dan went. I was really glad I had my long underwear and wool sweaters.

Tuesday it was even colder and raining almost all day. It was quite windy and in the late afternoon there was even thunder. We heard the hail starting about 5:00 and I went outside our apartment to get some pictures. We are on the third floor of the Quad (Mrs. Biswas' old apartment for those who knew her). Just outside our door is the roof of the veranda below. The eaves were full of hailstones.

The roof across the Quad was also covered. That area, formerly the young girls' dorm, is now the Lower School Library and computer classroom space.

Looking down on the Quad, the roof over the walkway was also sprinkled with hail. If you were to walk around that corner at the top of the photo, you would be ready to walk up the ramp to the high school or to visit the Business Office (in the area that used to be the Music Cells).

This morning (Wednesday) we woke to a beautiful sunny day. It's still cool, but likely will warm up nicely. Maybe we are finished with bad weather!

The sun was bright on Midlands when I went out.


  1. When you wrote "music cells" it reminded me of the time you pulled that April Fool's day prank on me and told me they had slid down the mountainside!

  2. I don't remember that! But it is a miracle that it never happened. When they demolished it, the walls were basically rubble.


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