Monday, April 25, 2011


This oboe quintet was practicing Thursday after school, with Megan (teacher) standing at the left. The advanced student recital auditions are coming up soon, and I'm pretty sure they were preparing for that.

Saturday evening was the Junior-Senior Banquet, an annual festive affair. The tables were set out in the Quad. The waiters were gathered to receive their instructions before the arrival of the older students.

A red carpet was laid along the main entry to the school. The first place after arrival was a drinks station. As the couples and stag groups arrived, they were announced over a loudspeaker. It was fun to look down and watch them. I wanted to get pictures of the kids all dressed up, but it was too dark by 7:00, when they began arriving. Following the dinner, they adjourned to the gym for a dance.

Coming up the hill from Picture Palace to Landour, we passed the usual small shops laid out on the side of the road. However, there were no obvious shopkeepers. As I passed a park bench against the railing, I heard giggling and talking. Three children were crouched under the bench (which you can barely see) with umbrellas to keep the sun off. When I stopped and pulled out my camera, they popped up, grinning, hoping to be in the picture. I can confirm that the sun was very hot in the afternoon walking back from Kulri!

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