Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cricket, Part 2

Well, yesterday was the semi-final match between India and Pakistan. All news outlets in the country were focused on the match. The prime minister of India invited the prime minister of Pakistan to sit with him (the tension between the two countries is ongoing). From 2:30 on when the match began, everyone in school was watching if they possibly could.

A large screen was set up in Parker Hall so students and staff could watch. Some teachers dismissed their classes so the kids could see the match. There were also a number of staff members in the Lyons Staff Lounge area near the Tea Garden.

When India won, around 10:00 PM, there was much yelling and shooting off of firecrackers. I could hear it easily in my room. Dan only saw the beginning and end, as he was traveling to Meerut in preparation for going to Mumbai for the final match on Saturday. A dream come true for him, and having India actually in the final match is the icing on the cake!

This view is from the side balcony; you can see the large screen.

Many of the students had Indian flags painted on their faces.

Staff as well as students were engrossed in the match.

Some students hung an Indian flag off the front of the balcony.


  1. wow amazing , india will win worldcup 2011... thank for update blog

  2. Any school wise enough to dismiss classes for semifinals in World Cricket must be absolutely first class.


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