Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekend in Meerut

We spent Saturday and Sunday visiting our friends the Lals in Meerut. We've been friends since we were next-door-neighbors in 1969 and our oldest children were toddlers. Dan has spent the past six weeks staying with them while watching World Cup cricket matches. It was mostly a quiet, relaxing time, especially as I was recovering from my jet-lag.

Sunday for lunch we went to a favorite spot of theirs that makes chole-batura, a popular street-food meal. Chole is a chickpea curry and batura is a deep-fried bread made of white flour, somewhat similar to a poori (whole-wheat flour) but puffier.

View from the back seat, Dan on left, grandson Jason in center, and Brij driving on right (remember, driving is on the left side of the road in India --- usually!).

The Chole store at the side of the road. It's a popular spot.

Baturas frying on the left, newly cooked ones on the platter.

Condiments served include pickled carrots and green chilis and onions.

The eating area is crowded and not considered suitable for ladies, so Viola and I sat in the car and waited for a plate to be brought to us. While waiting, this cow brushed right up against our car.

Here is the plate. Notice it also includes two gulab jamuns for dessert. Jason ate batura pieces from both of us in the back seat.

On returning home, Brij parked the car in the front area of their house. It's hard to imagine how it fits in there, but it does. He has mastered the skill of backing in perfectly, with the right side of the car almost touching the wall (the side mirror is folded in). He then has to move into the passenger seat to exit the vehicle.


  1. I'm so glad you are blogging the events of your trip. It's a fun ride for me!

  2. I really enjoy the food shots--preparation, selling, consuming . . . what an amazing culture. I've been following the cricket matches here in Canada, but days behind real time since I'm too tight to pay to see them live. Go Canada! (See what I mean?)

  3. I made a big batch of curried veggies to go with rice and little beans with onions, and we are enjoying this but wishing we had "real" Indian food; it looks so good.


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