Thursday, April 1, 2010

Last year I wrote about our favorite Sunday lunch place -- Aggarwal's Vegetarian Restaurant in Kulri. They serve a great poori khana -- two enormous fresh hot pooris, potato curry, pumpkin curry, and onions and pickle (for Dan). We were pleased this year to find that they've done some renovations during the winter. It looks quite spiffy now.

This view is looking down the stairs from the upper floor where we prefer to sit. The walls have been tiled.

A short distance away from Aggarwal's is the Banaras House, one of the older shops where the finest silk saris could be found. It hasn't been opened since we've come and looks like it won't be coming back.

Next door to Banaras is the wave of the future of retailing here -- a fancy new Benetton store. Shopping in Mussoorie is definitely different than when we lived here!

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