Friday, April 2, 2010


On our drive west of Library bazaar on Sunday we saw lots of interesting buildings. The first is quite a fancy newly built (or rebuilt) house.

Not sure if this is a house or a water/electric facility, but it was right at the top of the hill.

Another older house on the top.

The facade of a maharajah's hillside home. Years ago we looked into the windows from the garden with our friends the Powells. Alfred remembered going to dances here when he was young; he commented that the ballroom had a double floor to keep the dancers' feet from tiring.

Along the New Road, the Lind Cottage. Couldn't resist!

Landour Bazaar from below; notice the Clock Tower with the scaffolding on the left side. For those who have never been here, these buildings are quite amazing. Only about the top two stories are visible from the street in the bazaar; the others are below, clinging to the hillside.

More hillside buildings.

And the last, a view of Midlands and Alter Ridge from the New Road.


  1. Fascinating to see the houses built on such steep hills. Every single trip must be tiring. And just wondering why a cottage in India is called the "Lind"?

  2. If you're near Sisters Bazaar before you return and have the time and camera...take a short walk up to what was Prospect Point and take some pics if they'll let you. Cheers! Bill K.


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