Monday, April 12, 2010

Food -- School and Otherwise

If you have been a regular reader of this blog, you will probably think I am obsessed with food. Well, maybe I am!

When we first came to Woodstock in 1968, we ate most of our meals at the staff dining room for several months until our sea baggage arrived. The food was quite awful, including the pastiest pasta you can imagine (or not), and lots of fried food that wasn't readily identifiable.

Over the years the food has improved a lot, although boarding school students always like to criticize it. One day last week this was the menu in the daily announcements:

veg & paneer cutlet
stuffed french toast
toast/butter/jam/peanut butter/cheese slice
fresh fruit

morning snack
assorted cookies

green salad
chicken curry
sindhi curry [note: mixed vegetables in a soupy gravy]
steamed rice
masala dal
fresh fruit

evening snack (tea time)
cheese straw

carrot & cucumber stick
vegetable curry
paneer jalfrezi
tava roti
jeera rice
monng dal tadka
phirni [note: creamy rice dessert]

The pictures below are from lunch in the staff dining room: the salad and a steam table with the rice, chicken curry, and dal. (The veg curry had to be obtained from the student food line.)

One day last week we decided to try the pizza at Dev Dar Woods, a boarding house cum restaurant on the back side of the Chukker, owned by Mr. Prakash of the Sisters' Bazaar provision store. We had half chicken, half veg, and it was delicious. The leftovers heated up nicely, too.

Our regular trek to the bazaar for poori khana on the weekend was somewhat thwarted this week as our Agarwal restaurant was closed. So we ate at Green Vegetarian instead, only a very short distance away. The pooris were a little thicker but it was a good lunch.

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