Monday, April 26, 2010


It's been a busy few days, with not enough time to post. Thursday and Friday the school hosted Jane Cumming's Himalayan Odyssey tour group. There are over 20 peopl in the group, a combination of Woodstock alumni and other friends. They spent time in Bhutan and Rajaji Park near Dehra Dun before arriving up here. Thursday afternoon I assisted by taking half the group on a school tour and then running the store. We sold lots of T-shirts, hats, and other memorabilia. Friday they were here again, touring the residences and Hanifl Centre (for environmental and outdoor education).

Friday afternoon I left for Delhi, escorting two students to the Dehra Dun train station. I went to attend the Executive Committee meeting of the Woodstock Board. After a rather short night in a hotel, we met from 9 to 4 in the Habitat Centre. The meeting was for the purpose of approval of the Strategic Master Plan for 2010-2015. I took notes and tried to keep track of all the suggested changes. Fortunately, most were fairly minor additions.

When the meeting was over, four of us got into the school vehicle and headed back to Mussoorie. We stopped briefly at the Cheetal Deer Park for a quick supper. I arrived home at Oakville about 11:30 that night. A very quick trip all together! I was quite tired on Sunday and stayed at home all day.

Sunday evening Steve Alter hosted a dinner for the Himalayan Odyssey tour group at his home, just across the tennis court from our house. It was good to visit with them again. I already knew several of the members and enjoyed talking with some -- two sisters had only been at Woodstock for a year in 1950-51. For some it was a first visit back to India, for others one of many such trips.

Today (Monday) we again had the tour group at the school. In the morning they attended the dedication of the new Kaplani School, with which a number of people associated with our school have been involved. Immu was away today, so again I sold lots of items from the store.

This is our last week in Mussoorie. I will try to post a few times again before we leave.

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