Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I mentioned a few days ago that it had rained in the night. We've now had three days and nights with occasional rain (more in the night than in the day). At one point yesterday afternoon it rained and hailed. Fifteen minutes later the sun was shining. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the rain has reached down to Dehra Dun or back into the mountains; it is still very hazy and dusty.

The rain has been very welcome after a poor monsoon last summer and very little precipitation over the winter. There are always water shortages in Mussoorie, perhaps this year worse than usual.

Signs of spring and rains are in the flowers I saw this morning on my walk to school.

The rhododendrons are pretty much finished, as evidenced by the petals on the ground.

This morning I noticed for the first time this house high on the hill above the road. I'm not sure quite where it is from the chukker. But it must have views in nearly every direction.

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