Monday, April 19, 2010


The weekend began with an invitation to dinner at the home of a student I taught in the 1970s. He lives in Mauritius now, but his mother is here in Mussoorie. He was visiting with his wife and son, who hopes to enter Woodstock in the fall semester. The mother lives in the building that used to be the Whispering Pine Lodge, a school-owned property that was used for camping and other events. It is now unrecognizable, as it has been built up to three stories. The top level opens onto the "New" Tehri Road and is a restaurant. There was quite a large group for dinner. We enjoyed eating with Dana and Judy, who have been at Woodstock over 30 years.

When we arrived, Arjun pulled out a magazine and said he wanted to read us a poem. It turned out to be the 1979 Motif (WS creative arts annual) and the poem was by our son Dirk in the 4th grade.

Saturday was a quiet day at home for me, as Dan went off with Jon to explore. Sunday I woke up with severe dysentery, so had another unplanned quiet day at home. I was sorry to miss the bazaar trip with friends. By evening I felt well enough to attend a dinner at the big Oakville house. The Wintergreen Foundation Board is here for a meeting and it was good to meet up with them and other old friends.

This will be a busy week. Today Bob Fleming is here to receive his Distinguished Alumni Award. It will be a gala affair in Parker Hall with tea in the Quad to follow. I'll post more about that tomorrow.

Oh, yes, something good -- it rained during the night and again some this morning. It has been extremely dry and hot and everyone has been hoping for rain.

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