Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lunch at Wolfs Burn

On Saturday we were invited for lunch at my friend Immu's house. Her home is at the top of the ridge at the western end of the Chukker. We went past Char Dukaan to the hawa ghar, then up the path. We were greeted by these lovely petunias.

The house, named Wolf's Burn, consists of several buildings, including rental units where Language School students often stay. This is the main house.

The views are spectacular in every direction, this one to the northwest.

We sat at a table in the sun, but grateful for the shade. It was a lovely day.

Immu's grandson Tariku was visiting again. His parents Tim and Archna were here volunteering in the PE department last fall when we were here. They spent much of the winter in Ethiopia, Immu's homeland and Archna's childhood home. They are here on their way back home to Australia.

Immu's husband, the Professor, stopped by to greet us.

Immu served a delicious meal combining some Ethiopian and Indian foods.

Immu shared this photo of Wolf's Burn from years ago after a winter storm.


  1. Dan looks most relaxed...and I'm sure he enjoyed that Ethiopian and Indian food.

  2. Can you please send me the email for Wolf burn.

    I am looking for accomodation for the next two years from August 2011 they could be a starting point.

    Many thanks


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