Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Distinguished Alumni Award

On Monday afternoon Bob Fleming, Jr., received the Distinguished Alumni Award from Woodstock School. Full details are on the website at Woodstock School. Middle and high school students attended, as well as a number of alumni and other guests. Introductions were given by George Taylor '68, Darab Nagarwalla '80, Dr. Laurenson (Principal), and Rev. T.Z. Kundun, Vice-President of the Board of Directors.

Bob's talk was fascinating, as always, with photos of natural phenomena from all over the globe. He usually gives talks in the form of a quiz, and this was no different, with focuses on the Himalayas, Tibet, the Zambezi River, Antarctica, and the Amazon Basin, among others.

Here is Bob just before the event, seriously preparing.

Dr. Laurenson giving his introduction.

And "Bobby Sahib" during his talk.

As is customary, a nice tea followed, with sandwiches, samosas, cookies, and gulab jamuns.

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