Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Well, yes, more about food and drink... About 10:30 every morning, a school employee comes into our office with a tray of cups filled with coffee from the kitchen. We gather in a large office and talk about whatever is on anyone's mind (generally not school-related topics). Some of us drink tea, so we heat filtered water in the hot pot. Some prefer a different kind of coffee and make it in a French press. But we almost always have a snack. Today there was some leftover salty/hot mixture from yesterday and some chocolate biscuits (cookies for you Americans). Some days we even have home-made cake that someone brings from home.

Everyone but Pete got in these pictures; the shot I got of him was just not flattering at all. The new Quadrangle had just arrived, so everyone was looking at it. We all liked the better-quality binding.

Immu, Casey, and Steve

Chris and Karan

Around 3:30 or 4:00 is tea time. Tea for students is given out in the dining room, but tea for staff is still served in the tea garden, where we can sit on benches in the sun and contemplate the Lyre Tree. Yesterday we had somosas, and the day before it was carrot cake. Life is good!!

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