Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Trip to Kempty Falls

Woodstock School's Quarter Break began Thursday afternoon. On Friday we took the scooter to Kempty Falls. This landmark tourist spot is about 15 kilometers to the west of Mussoorie, and several thousand feet below. The place was developed as a tourist destination by John Mekinan, sometime after 1835. The name Kempty is derived from 'Camp-tea', as the Britishers would organise their tea parties here.

We visited Kempty Falls a number of times when we lived here in the 60s and 70s. It was quite idyllic at that time, a lovely picnic spot. Things have changed with the explosion of tourism in this area.

The road down is actually two lanes with markings all the way. Other than the occasional cow or vehicle standing in the road, it felt quite safe.

A sample of the hairpin turns on the road.

Often the turns have tea stalls or other miscellaneous structures along the way. This turn had some retaining wall construction going on.

Once at the entrance to the falls, there was a huge traffic jam.

The top of the path heading down to the falls. Shops line the sides most of the way down.

I'm always tempted to photograph the snack shops!

You can see the steps are quite pukka.

The falls had more water than we expected at this time of year.

Looking down on the center of activity, including the lower terminus for the ropeway.

Plenty of swimmers were in the pool at the bottom of the falls. I can't imagine how cold that mountain stream water must have been!

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  1. one ought to travel at his own risk due to the rude,rough & rigid behave of the local shopkeepers. Though the place is beautiful.


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