Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More from Friday

A common sight all over India is the way shopkeepers display their wares. Two of the shops on the path down to Kempty Falls are good examples -- bangles and chappals (sandals).

On the way home, we stopped at an old restaurant that used to be a favorite, Whispering Windows. They were undergoing renovations and we were about the only people there. The location is good; the restaurant is upstairs overlooking a scenic view.

This is the gate at Library Bazaar. The open area where several roads intersect is called Gandhi Chowk. A chowk is like a plaza and these days is often filled with parked and moving vehicles of all kinds.

At the top of the hill above our house is Elcott Lodge. For many years, this was the home of the Buchanan sisters, who were poets and artists.

Friday evening we had dinner at Momo and Tsering's house. This home was originally named Shanty, now called Shanti (meaning peace, a nicer image).

Since we were here last they have added a nice guest room seen at the top of the picture above. here is a view of the room, very comfortable quarters.

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