Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sunday Drive

Sunday afternoon we went exploring on the motor scooter. We headed to the west end of town, Library Bazaar. From there we took the road to the southwest, rather than the northwest that we do more often. (Northwest lies the Company Garden, Happy Valley, and Kempty Falls.)

We ended up going all the way around the hill and back to the north side, where it got narrower and steeper. We got off and walked up to the top of a hill. We could see in all directions, but it was too hazy to get good photos. The snows were peeking through the haze to the north. This picture taken from the road we walked up gives a little bit of the feeling of the steepness. A few times I wasn't sure we would make it, but Dan is an excellent driver and maintains good control (and the brakes are strong!).

On the way up we saw signs pointing to "Mussoorie's Highest Hotel," so we decided to find it. I don't know where they got the name "Dunsvirk," but that's what it is.

The lobby inside the entrance is quite elegant, with Tudor-style decoration.

A view of the hotel from the back side where the nice, large garden is located. The hotel rooms were nice and you had a choice of Doon or mountain views. The tariff ranged from about $60 per room per night to about $90 with meals included. Good discounts are available off season. I don't think anyone was staying there right now, but it will soon be very full.

Lilies blooming in the garden just in time for Easter.

From the garden we could see this elegant-looking electrical substation. (Rocks on roofs, as on the shed in the foreground, are quite common. I presume they keep the tin from blowing away in a storm.

From the front of the hotel we could see Mussoorie Modern School. Waverly Convent was also visible to the left of this photo.

And to the north side, we could see the Tibetan settlement in Happy Valley. We were there last October and climbed Flag Hill, the tiny peak to the left of center on this photo. The Dunsvirk is a lot higher.

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