Saturday, March 27, 2010

Walking to School

Uploads of photos were impossibly slow yesterday, so I'm posting on Saturday to make it up. Because most people walk to most places around here, the paths and roads we use are of primary importance. There are many mountain trails criss-crossing the hillside. But today I am focusing on the more finished ones.

Above Oakville the road has been paved with cement, partly with the common horizontally grooved type and partly with cement paving stones. The ones there are reused from somewhere; some of them have paint markings still showing on them. All of these are one narrow lane in width.

Walking down to Tehri Road from Oakville the path has been widened and partially paved to be passable by a jeep or motorcycle. It’s pretty steep in places, and some of the switchbacks are too sharp to make a full turn, but it is passable. This dog is often in the area; I'm not sure who he belongs to, but he is friendly.

Switchback; path to right leads to Suncliff, where some Woodstock staff live.

At the bottom of the path, Tehri Road comes into view. Straight ahead goes to the Hanifl Center and on east to Tehri. I take a very sharp right and head on to school.

Tehri Road has been paved with asphalt/macadam. It is mostly very good now, about one-and-a-half lanes wide, with yellow edge strips where they haven’t worn off. Notice the pukka railings along the side. It's a very long drop down in many places.

At some of the sharp curves near the school, mirrors have been posted so drivers can see if there is another vehicle approaching the curve from the other side. A toot on the horn is expected by both drivers.

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