Friday, October 2, 2015

Thursday Dinner Out

Wednesday Dan went to Dehra Dun to get the scooter repaired. It took all day and still wasn't fixed, so he came home by bus quite late. Thursday the office was closed, as everyone was taking a holiday. Today (Friday) is Gandhi's birthday, a national holiday. It is the end of the week-long fall break.

Thursday we didn't do much, but did decide to go out for dinner. This time we went to Doma's Inn, owned by our friends Momo and Tsering. It is not far above Mullingar Hill. After a beautiful sunny day, it was a nice clear evening.

On our walk up the hill, this man was climbing a light pole. When he got to the top, he had a strap he hooked to the top of the pole, but it still didn't look very safe. There were no pegs on the pole; he just used his bare feet and hands to climb.

This is a good view looking back to the Landour Community Hospital. You can see the shops and homes below. The shops are on the top floor of the building and sit directly on the road. The homes beneath back right into the khud (hill).

The painting inside Doma's Inn is as fresh as it was when it was first done, nearly five years ago.

One of Dan's favorite dishes in Thailand is Khao Soi, a northern specialty. Here they have Burmese Khaosuey on the menu and he had to try it. It's not quite the same, but he enjoyed it.

I like Thukpa, Tibetan soup. This is PC Thukpa, similar but with dumplings. (These were stuffed with minced chicken.)

Momo was there and we had a nice long conversation. Just as we were finishing, his dinner of a burrito was delivered. 

On the way home, we had some good views. The first is looking to the west and the town of Mussoorie. The second is a view from above of Mullingar. It seems to be mostly populated by Tibetans now; notice the stupa on the left.

We stopped at a subzi stand to get some bananas. While Dan was paying, I took this snap of a small chicken shop.

I'll leave you with this picture taken earlier looking toward the Tehri hills. This is a nostalgic view for most people who have been here.

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