Friday, October 23, 2015

Festival Begins

Thursday afternoon was the first session of the Mussoorie Writers Mountain Festival. We were treated to the Banff Film Festival World Tour, a selection of short films on extreme sports, from mountain biking the ridge on the Isle of Skye to the first scaling of Half Dome and El Capital in Yosemite. Absolutely fascinating, and Parker Hall was crowded. There will be events all day on Friday and Saturday. I'll be attending as many as I can, plus working the registration desk and sales booth and proofreading student blog posts about it.

Dan returned about 2:00 Thursday afternoon after a wonderful week motorcycling in the Uttarakhand mountains. His bazaar-made boots worked well, and Tashi helped outfit some of the pieces he was missing.

Wednesday evening Cate, Margo and I were included in a dinner invitation to the Principal's house. The classes of 1995 and 2005 were having milestone reunions and it has become tradition for these groups to be entertained there. I got to visit with a number of people and met an alumnus of 2005 with whom I have had quite a bit of email back and forth. He and his brother are from Nepal, and since the terrible earthquake there last year, they have been working in the relief efforts.

The weather has turned much nicer -- it is 67-68° in our apartment instead of 63-64° as it was much of last week. That is a big difference! The mists have gone and it is clear and sunny.

Wednesday morning I was up early, as usual. I heard the monkeys clattering on the roof, as they do nearly every day. Then I looked down into the playground and watched a young monkey playing on the swing. He swung in the normal way, climbed the chain on one side, leaped on and off and through. He was obviously having a great time.

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