Monday, October 26, 2015


Monday afternoon about 2:45 Margo and I were working in our office. Margo suddenly felt a bit queasy and I realized that the building was shaking slightly. It continued for what seemed quite a long time (over a minute). We all left the office and went down into the Quad. The siren went off and we all traipsed down onto Tehri Road. I think the rule was to dive for cover under the desk, but it felt better to be outside. Of course, if there is a big one here, there would be no safe place. The mountain is very steep and everything would slide down. The last one we felt was back around 1970 when we lived in Woodstock Villa. We woke in the middle of the night with the bed shaking. I don't remember evacuating; we just waited until it stopped and went back to sleep!

It turns out there has been a major (7.7) earthquake in northern Pakistan in the Hindu Kush Mountains. It was felt as far away as Delhi. It will be a while until we find out more. I'm sure there are many lives lost, but at least it is a relatively low-population area.

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