Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Correction and Birthday

If you follow the news, by now you know that the epicenter of the earthquake we felt yesterday was actually in Afghanistan, not Pakistan. It appears to be quite devastating. It is in a remote area, so help will be difficult to send in.

Monday afternoon a special tea was held for Eric Roberts' 60th birthday. Staff gathered in the Tea Garden to celebrate. Monica has not been well, but she was able to come. We've known Eric's sister Nima since 1968, and Monica has worked here since 1979, when we were still on staff. Eric runs the school travel office and is amazing at getting things done. Monica is Alumni Secretary, and I've been working with her ever since we started coming back to Woodstock.

Lots of good food -- cake, chicken or veg patties, Indian sweets, etc.

Me posing with Eric and Monica.

Note -- I mostly wear Indian clothes when I am here, but my last things are at the dhabi so they can be packed away clean. I'm only wearing things that go home with me or don't need laundering.

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