Monday, October 12, 2015

Visit to Dehra Dun

On Sunday we took a taxi down to Dehra Dun to see our friend Ajit and his sister. We had a lovely visit over lunch at the President Hotel restaurant. The trip down was interesting. Our driver took the road through Barlowganj, which avoids all the bazaar. It is narrow and steep, with many switchbacks, several of which require three-point turns. It is a little harrowing, but I try to stay mellow and just enjoy the scenery. I did take quite a few shots out of the window and, as expected, they didn't all turn out. But here are a few of the best.

Once we got to the main road, there was a lot of traffic. Fall weekends are a popular time to visit Mussoorie, and this is not unusual.

Near the bottom of the hill, there is a huge Shiva temple, a popular stop for travelers. There are food shops on the street level.

This is where the road ahead goes to Rajpur and the turn to the right is the Diversion Road into Dehra Dun. For many years travelers to Mussoorie had to go through Rajpur. In fact, before the road was built, they had to walk or be carried by dandy or palanquin up the mountain.

This shot shows one of the many, many luxury apartment blocks being built along the Diversion Road. It is getting completely built up, with many schools and colleges as well as flats.

Here we are in the restaurant. Ajit has been ill and lost a lot more weight, but is doing well now. His sister teaches Indian dance at Woodstock one day a week.

This week is Activity Week at Woodstock. Students are heading out in all directions. This page shows  the destinations.

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