Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Still Here!

When someone asked if I was unwell because I hadn't posted for several days, I decided I'd better get something up! The past five days or so have been pretty quiet and routine, without much happening outside of going to work and relaxing. Dan went to Dehra Dun twice -- once for a full day trying to get the scooter repaired, and another day to get it once it was finally fixed. Gandhi's birthday was on October 2. We did do something special -- dinner with some friends at Oakville. The weekend was extremely busy in the bazaar as many Delhi-wallas took advantage of the long weekend to head for the hills.

The winterline is clearly out these days, although it looks a bit blurry between these trees. I'll try to get an open shot in the next day or two. But I love the look of the dark trees.

Our friend Mary Ellen spent some time in Italy last summer (as did we) and came back with a pasta maker and other Italian goodies. We took them some olives, which went well with the puttanesca sauce and fresh bread. The bread was a bit over-risen (is that a word?) but delicious. I'm sorry I didn't get a shot of the fettucini, which was absolutely delicious.

This shot is on Mullingar Hill, looking up from below the hawa ghar at the corner. These banners were posted all over the bazaar; evidently some guru is coming, but it was all in Hindi so I couldn't figure much of it out.

This is taken from the Kulri Chowk, where Camel's Back Road takes off to the right. Looking up the hill you can see the red front of the Agarwal Restaurant, where we have our poori khana. We sit upstairs where you can see the windows. Another banner was strung here. Notice the number of people, quite a few for a late Sunday morning.

The Agarwal Breakfast Menu. The rupee is just over 60 to the dollar right now, so you can see how inexpensive this place is. The photo below is the other page showing the drinks. I usually have a fresh lime soda.

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