Monday, October 19, 2015


Well, I had a wonderful weekend, with the staff outing and WWD. Sunday afternoon I headed up the hill to Wolfsburn, home of my friend Immu. It was about a 40-minute walk up to Char Dukan, where I stopped to have a cup of tea. Cate and Margo, alumni volunteers working in the same office with me, came before I quite finished my tea. We went together to Wolfsburn, where Immu was fixing an Ethiopian meal for us. Immu grew up in Ethiopia, met an Indian teacher, married him, had two daughters, and eventually he retired to Mussoorie. Her daughters attended Woodstock and she has been working in the alumni office for quite a few years now.

We were pleased to have Dr. Cyril Dutt join us for dinner. He was the head of the Landour Community Hospital in the late 1960s/early 1970s when we were living here. He is currently renting an apartment in Immu's complex (she has about 5 units, I think). He is from the town where Cate's parents worked, so she's known him most of her life and they were happy to catch up.

The first picture is standing in front of one of the rental units looking back at the building Immu lives in (on the right). She has a very cozy place on the upper level. The terraced hillside is covered with marigolds.

We had a proper Ethiopian meal, injera, door wat chicken curry, dal, and vegetables. It was delicious.

Monday evening just before dinner I looked out and saw a gorgeous sunset. The limbs are from the Lyre Tree, which has been mostly dismantled. The wood has been saved and something will be done with it. I think for now they are leaving the trunk and main branches standing, even though they are chopped off.

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