Sunday, October 18, 2015

World Wide Woodstock Day

Yesterday (the 17th) was World Wide Woodstock Day, an annual celebration that began in 2009. Woodstock people gather together all over the world. We have frequently been here for it; last year we had a lunch in Dehra Dun. This year we went to the Tavern Cafe, a new place below the older Tavern Restaurant in Kulri. The owner is an alumnus. Quite a few people who might have attended were still away on Activity Week, but we had a fun gathering anyway.

We all ordered whatever we wanted from the menu. The names of all the dishes are based on Mussoorie names, and include Ruskin Bond Fish & Chips. I had the Company Garden Pesto Paneer Burger. That looks like a maraschino cherry on top, but it is actually a tiny tomato. It was delicious and the fries were good, too.

I wanted to show you the inside with large chunks of paneer covered with pesto.

Here is the full group after we ate. Thanks to Cate Whitcomb who posted this on Facebook.

And, to close, here is a picture that Karen Tamminen took of our group in the boat. I am in the back.

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