Monday, September 28, 2015

Back to the Bazaar on Sunday (again)

Last Sunday Dan was in Dehra Dun visiting a friend, so we didn't have our usual poori khana. This week we went again and did a bit more shopping. We got some Kashmiri pillow covers to perk up our living room. I took a number of random shots that I found interesting.

Power Break
This manhole cover is laid about three inches lower than the road surface. Cars straddle it and motorbikes must go on one side or another. Hitting it on a bike would not be a good idea.

Nirula's has shrunken to a very small space where they are just selling ice cream. Up until last year, they had a large space where they also sold snacks and meals. Now Domino's has moved there from the nearby space they had occupied. That was the old Kwality Restaurant. The top level is still Cafe Coffee Day, but the lower level is sitting empty, at least for now.

I had berry ice cream with chewy dried fruit bits.

This peek inside the Cambridge Book Depot is meant to show you how full it is. There are two aisles like this. If a person is in it, such as the man shown below, no one else can get in. But if you ask the owner about a specific book, he knows just where it is.

We came down the back side of Kulri from Windy Corner. This hotel is now abandoned. It was still open just over a year ago. I suspect someone will grab it and renovate it before long.

This shows the terrace dining area of the Hotel Shiv Continental, just below the road above Picture Palace. The plantings are lush and beautiful.

I generally try to avoid the many stray dogs around; they don't usually bother people, but they are often mangy and there are too many. But I liked this mother and her pup sleeping on the road.

Between the hospital and Mullingar they are digging a ditch. An old pipe is visible inside. I'm not sure what they are digging for, probably some new pipes. In the back you cake see the pile of rocks that are being broken up for building pushtas.

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