Saturday, September 26, 2015

Quarter Break

Friday was the last day of classes before a week-long quarter break. When the students return, they will have another week of classes, then everyone will head off for Activity Week. Last year these two weeks ran together and it was complicated!

No students were allowed to leave school until Saturday morning. Friday evening was the high school talent show, an annual event. Around 5:00 several vendors set up tables in the Quad where they were cooking fresh snacks. Students and staff swarmed around until nearly 7:00 when the show started. We got several things and ate them for our supper.

Papri chat, covered with dahi and other sauces

Aloo tikki, similarly covered

Chicken frankie (I unrolled the chapati to show the inside)

Making aloo tikki (sorry it is a bit dim)

Saturday morning I walked over to the vegetable shops below the hospital to pick up some subzi for supper. I got carrots and parsnip to cook with potatoes in preparation for a frittata for supper (starting with sautéed onion and green pepper).

On the way, I passed these men cutting down the overgrowth on the pushta below Woodstock Villa. Just around the corner is where I took the picture of dahlias yesterday.

One of the shops below the hospital sells meat. I don't think these roosters were going to serve as alarm clocks, although one of them was crowing as I walked by.

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