Friday, September 25, 2015


Thursday was a fairly ordinary day for us -- I spent most of the time in the office, Dan helped with a few string classes and went to the bazaar to get some produce. Over lunchtime and into the early afternoon there was a College and Career fair in the Quad. Representatives from many universities were there. The UK, India and Australia had the most representatives, but there were some from the US as well. It was interesting to walk around and look over the information they had brought.

Looking down into the Quad

In the evening we had one of our regular suppers, tomato soup enhanced with sautéed onion and dried peppers and sandwiches with some Darjeeling Gouda Cheese Dan had gotten at Prakash. We get pre-sliced brown bread that we use for our sandwiches. We like to put dahi (yogurt) in our soup.

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