Monday, September 14, 2015


Sunday we headed into the bazaar for our usual brunch of poori-khana at Agarwal’s restaurant. This has become a tradition while we are here, although last year I only made it in once or twice. It was a good day for a walk; cloud cover much of the time, temperature in the upper 70s. I did walk it both ways, a total of four miles. Going in wasn’t bad; coming back there are two major hills to climb. I was pretty exhausted, but fine.

We made several stops to pick up some things we needed (or at least thought we did…). Mustard at Ram Chander’s, Vicks at James Chemist, a pillow at an unnamed shop, and a few other things along the way.

In the evening, we went to Darab and Naz’s place for dinner. More uphill walking, as pretty much everything is here.

This view shows how the monsoon clouds are still around, but there are patches of sun.

The tree ferns are turning brown, a sure sign the monsoon is finished.

Vehicles use every possible spot for parking.

Mulling Hill. Yes, these two managed to get by each other without scraping, as did the one waiting its turn.

New restaurant:  venerable Tavern has now opened a Cafe on their ground floor; there were miscellaneous shops there before.

Looking out from Agarwal's upper floor, we noticed a new hotel/restaurant across the street. (This is right next to the Kulri Methodist Church.)

Poori Khana:  fresh pooris, potato curry (one each), pumpkin curry (one), onions, dahi, chutney. This is served only at breakfast time.

A beautifully laid out subzi/phal stand (vegetable/fruit).

Multiple pipes along the road; they've been there a long time, we wonder what they are all connected to!

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