Saturday, September 12, 2015

Settling In

Our last meal in Italy was in the restaurant at our B&B. Earlier in the day we had chatted with the pasta maker, who told us she was making gnocchi that day. So of course we had to try it. It was mixed with fresh tomato sauce and cheese and was delicious. The next morning we rose early to go to the airport and I saw the sunrise out our window. What a lovely way to end our stay!

Sunrise at Agrisesto
View toward the airport
All our travels went well — transfer in Zurich, watching movies on the plane, arrival just after midnight, getting to the hotel just after 2:00 AM, early morning train on Friday. (Thursday was mainly spent in the hotel, as it was over 100°.) We were met at the Dehra Dun railway station by one of Kulwant’s taxi drivers, as arranged by phone. Once we got to the school, we got the keys to our room and Dan hauled the luggage up two flights of stairs. We were very pleased to see our Woodstock trunks already in the room. One of the men from the technology department came by to get our computer devices on the network. Every time we come they have made changes that require new settings, but they are always very helpful. About 5:30 there was a knock on the door, and our dhobi, Om Prakash was there. He had heard along the road that we were back! So we have already sent out our first set of laundry. Fortunately, the monsoon seems to have ended; there hasn't been rain here for 5-6 days. There is still some cloud mist, but it is mostly sunny and pleasant.

We had a flurry of unpacking and then had supper in the school dining room with Darab and Naz. Nice to see Darab again after his stay with us ended less than a year ago. After supper, Dan went down to check that the motor scooter still works, and went up to Prakash’s to get a few supplies. I was very happy to wake up to Indian tea already made! I’ve missed that on our travels.

Saturday morning there was a lot of commotion in the Quad as the seventh graders prepared for hiking. They were divided into small groups and chaperones took them away. 

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