Thursday, October 2, 2014


Today, October 2, is Gandhi's Birthday. And tomorrow is Dussehra, a Hindu festival. School is closed today, but not tomorrow. Dan is in Delhi having some dental work done. I am enjoying a day at home just being quiet (and some knitting, of course...)

Yesterday our office had visitors at coffee time. On Wednesdays we invite other departments to join us. There seemed to be a lot of confusion with the holiday coming up. Several people did come, but I'm not sure which department was the actual invited one!

Snacks included homemade tapioca pakoras (never saw them before, but they were good), cheese biscuits and cinnamon bows from the school kitchen. Immu brought in some flowers from home to decorate.

Casey used to work in this office and has come back for a few months to help with some web work. His family joined him for coffee break -- Christina, Dechen, and 7-month-old Nellie. Dechen was born here and the last time I saw her she was just a baby. She doesn't like to have her picture taken. Nellie was friendly to everyone.

Nellie and Monica

Nellie and Lalitha

The men of Woodstock hold a fund-raiser called Movember (part of a worldwide movement). They all get shaved on October 1 and have a contest for the best moustache/beard at the end of November. The funds this year are going to buy sewing machines for women in a village that was badly damaged in last year's floods and that the school has adopted.

My boss, Marcus, just after his shave, getting a bit of a head massage.

During the shaving, a group of lower school kids were painting projects in the Quad.

I left work early, as I had a dental appointment in town. I have had several crowns done here and am fortunate that Dr. Thakral had time to work me into his schedule. It took me a good hour to walk all the way to the top of Kulri Hill where the Oral Health Resort is located. I had a couple of brief stops on the way to pick up a few things. After he checked me over and took the impressions, I headed home. I again opted to take a taxi from Picture Palace. One of these times I'll make it both ways! And I'll be back on Monday for the fun part (the drilling). Just kidding.

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