Friday, October 24, 2014


This has been a very quiet week around the school. Quarter Break is on following Activity Week, and the Diwali holiday came on Thursday. The office was closed for the day, and we've had a small number here most of the week.

Tuesday the Class of 1969 arrived at the school; there are nearly 30 of them here for their 45th reunion. It was fun to see many students we remembered, but didn't always recognize them! They came into the inner office and held up their class flag for photo ops.

They toured the school, had lunch, and then went down and toured the residences. They are staying at Doma's Inn and Ivy Bank. On Wednesday evening they walked around chakkar and the hillside and ended up at Judy and Dana's place, the first house above Tehri Road heading east from the school. We were invited to join them for dinner. It was chilly, but fires inside and out made it quite comfortable. Judy and Dana's cook did a fine job on the meal.

This view is looking toward Witches' Hill from Dana and Judy's home.

Thursday evening we went back to Naz and Vanu's for Diwali. It was nice to have a quiet evening.  They gave a Zoroastrian prayer to celebrate the Festival of Light.

A view looking toward Mussoorie with many lights glowing.

Vanu is lighting the traditional oil lamps (diyas) in the entryway to their house. These came from Arunima, a home for autistic children that is run by a former Woodstock employee.

The winterline with clouds below.

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