Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday Morning Catch-up

I took pictures of several different things over the past several days, so this will be a collection of mostly non-related pictures. 

The school just purchased a new Toyota Innova minivan. On Friday a blessing was held. Eric Templeton, C.N.I. pastor, said a prayer and sprinkled salted water on the vehicle. Eric Roberts, Woodstock Travel Officer, assisted him. Afterward barfi and laddoo were passed around. There weren't too many people there, as students and most staff were away on Activity Week. 

On my lunchtime walk Friday, this monkey family were sitting on the back ramp.

When we drove to Dehra Dun on Saturday for the WWD lunch, our taxi took the back roads through Barlowganj and Jharapani (at St. George's and Oak Grove Schools, respectively). I tried to take some photos through the window to show how steep and narrow the road is. Two of the corners required three-point turns. Maybe these two scenes will give you some idea.

Sunday evening we went to Tenzing and Tsering's place at the top of the hill. Their house is called Shanty, and it is anything but! They are continually adding on and expanding. The next project is a set of apartments to rent out on the flat space below the house. Their new grandchild needs space, so they added on a new living room and moved into it just days before we were there.

I managed to walk all the way up ZigZag path to Sisters' Bazaar. It is then a short walk across the chakkar to the path down to Shanty. I was pretty exhausted, but happy to have made it! Here is the view from the path on our way up -- notice the cloud settling over part of Mussoorie. You can also see the winterline in this one.

Here is Tenzing's new bar setup -- a bit smaller than the last one.

Dan enjoys having a hookah when we visit.

Completely unrelated, here are some snacks Dan brought from the bazaar. Thai Sweet Chilli Chips are my new favorite -- salty, slightly sweet, and slightly spicy -- satisfying most tastes! We tried the Nimbu Masala for the first time -- similar to Aloo Bhujia, but a bit thicker and a slight lime flavor. Notice that the bags are puffed large. That is due to the altitude change from where they are packaged to our mountain aerie. A very physical sign of decreased atmospheric pressure.

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