Sunday, October 12, 2014

End of a Week

This week slipped by quickly. There was a lot of excitement around the school, as Activity Week is coming up. The earliest hike left on Thursday and two more on Friday. Saturday was the SAT, so most seniors didn't leave until Saturday afternoon. Some of the trips leave on Monday. Following Activity Week is the fall break. We leave early the following week, so there won't be many students around for most of the rest of our time here.

We were out for dinner with friends both Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday we were with Naz and Vanu, family of Darab who is living in our house.

Dan and Momo at Naz's home

The Daruwalla Buddha in marble

Momo and Tsering with the Buddha

Naz and Vanu

On the walk up to their house, I could just see the Winterline through the trees.

When we woke up Thursday morning, there was a definite change in the weather. No more mist swirling around the hills. Cooler nights and warmer days. The Winterline is definitely showing. This is what October should be like in Mussoorie!

Friday I dealt with a 24-hour intestinal bug. Fortunately, with the aid of Pepto-Bismol and lots of ginger-lemon tea, in 24 hours it had passed.

Saturday was a quiet, restful day. In the afternoon I decided to do a blog post, and was shocked to get a message that it was gone. It took a while to get logged in; it took two tries of entering my Indian mobile phone number to get a text with a verification code. But eventually I did.

We walked in to the Golden Restaurant for supper. It is just across from Ram Chander near the former Clock Tower. [The Clock Tower is still the landmark by which we locate things; I do hope it gets rebuilt.]

Looking back at the Tehri Hills on the way into town

Inside Golden (the cubicle behind the man is a sink to wash before and after eating)

My first paneer pakoras of this trip

Aloo palak, chili paneer, tandoori roti
This was the first trip to the bazaar that I walked all the way home. It was a bit slow, but I made it quite well. We stopped for 6 eggs at the Victory Egg Store near the top of Mullingar Hill. The proprietor was happy for me to photograph him with his many eggs.

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