Sunday, October 26, 2014


Saturday was a quiet day in our apartment. We did do a bit of preliminary sorting and packing, as we leave on Tuesday. I couldn't get any pictures, but we enjoyed watching the monkeys play in the school playground just below us. One of them found a plastic sand bucket, put his head inside and ran around crazily until it came off. Two others were on the swings, one lying across it on his belly and the other sitting and swinging. It's easy to see a human connection! Mostly I view the rhesus monkeys as pests. It can be scary to meet a large male all alone on a hillside path.

For lunch we went down to the dining hall. It is still quiet around here and we saw one other staff member getting some lunch. It was a good one:  chicken and veggie burgers (one of each), fresh buns just out of the oven, rice and dal (as always), and condiments for the burgers, including pickle relish!

About three o'clock we headed down to Fern Oaks to have tea with Saroj Kapadia and her sister, who is visiting from Victoria, BC. We had a very nice chat as well as some goodies with the tea.

While we were there a thunderstorm started. It rained quite hard for a bit. Once it let up, we quickly walked back to the Quad. Almost as soon as we got inside, it began to pour again. And it was very cold!

We were heading up to the top of the hill for dinner at Rokeby with the Class of 1969. It is quite a long walk and I had decided to get a taxi to go up and walk back down after dinner. We ordered our taxi for 6:15 and headed down to the school gate. We ended up waiting a good half hour, calling the taxi service (who must have forgotten our reservation), and finally got a ride. In the meantime, since it was raining, we went inside the shed that is now at the gate. I didn't realize it was fixed up very nicely as a waiting area.

When we arrived at Rokeby, we found out that the dinner had been moved into the hotel from the Highlands, an open area above where these kinds of events are often held. The rain and cold were too much. We gathered in the lobby for some talk and a presentation of a shawl to Mary, the class secretary, who had done so much work to plan this gathering.

Then we moved upstairs for appetizers and a buffet dinner. We were in a long narrow room but it all worked out well, and the food was delicious, as always at Rokeby.

Our walk home was fine. The weather had completely cleared off, and it was warmer than it had been earlier. Today the clouds and mist have been intermittent, with occasional bursts of sunlight.

It's Sunday now. Dan has gone on a motorcycle ride back into the hills with a couple of other riders. He's been wanting to do it, but it is a good idea to have more than one person in case of any problems. I am having a relaxing day.

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