Friday, October 17, 2014

Bazaar Walk Again

Thursday afternoon I had my final dental appointment. This time the two crowns fit with just a bit of adjustment. I am glad to have that finished! Dan walked in with me. The weather has been very strange; yesterday I said the sun was back out but then more clouds rolled in. There were a few peepholes of blue sky as we proceeded further into the bazaar and now (Friday morning) it is clear again.

The first picture is looking south toward the Doon. It was heavily clouded above but light down below. The second one is at the same time (2:30 pm), looking back toward Woodstock and the Tehri Hills.

In Landour Bazaar, post-monsoon preparations are underway for Diwali next week. Just to the right of this photo was a man whitewashing the pushta along the side of the bazaar. This man was following along, outlining the rocks in blue. Notice the blue cover for a cubbyhole. On the way back, I saw him perched on one of those covers, leaning over to paint the edge.

As we walked from Picture Palace to the taxi stand (known as Masonic Lodge; there used to be one there, not sure if it still is), we passed this dump area. Broken furniture and old computer monitors. I'm not sure what the fate of these things will be, but I'm sure they will be recycled in some way or other as almost everything is here.

Looking up at bamboo scaffolding. I'm not sure if this is a new hotel or a rebuilding of one. I guess the workers were finished for the day, although one may have left a scarf dangling.

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