Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Monday Dental Adventures

Monday afternoon I again had a dental appointment to get started on my two new crowns. It took me about an hour to walk from the school to the Oral Health Resort (I love that name!). I picked up a few more guavas and some nimbu (small limes) on the way. The nimbu were to use with the papaya I got on Sunday; a bit of the juice squeezed over it enhances the taste. I will stew the guavas this evening. I know they are ripe, as I could smell them sitting on the counter this morning.

Of course I was dreading the appointment, but it went well. I needed a double dose of novocaine, which often happens for me. My nerves there must be very sensitive! I have a temporary double crown for the next week. Since the two teeth are next to each other, it makes sense that he would use a one-piece temporary. When I came out there were about ten people in the waiting room (and it was 5:30 pm). Some of them appeared to be Tibetans; there is a large Tibetan community in Mussoorie.

Needless to say, I didn't want much to eat, so I had papaya for supper while Dan had leftover soup and a sandwich. Early to bed and now it's Tuesday morning and I am back at work!

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